Topic Content # Date Details
1. Description Preparation 1 Apr-10 Course overview; Introduction to information maps: symbols to show concepts, additional information, sequence, cause-and-effect, comparison, attributes, similarities and differences;
Production 2 Apr-17 Describe an original information map to classmates; Ask WH- questions about classmates’ information maps; Create a written description of an original information map.
2. Sequence Preparation 3 Apr-24 Narration and Instructions: Time-order conjunctions (First, Then, Next, Finally), location phrases (on the left / right of, above/below, on top of / underneath); Instructions (present tense) and narration (past tense).
Production 4 May-01 Give a poster presentation of a process or sequence of events;
3. Cause and Effect Preparation 5 May-15 Vocabulary (because, so, due to, as a result, therefore), sentence patterns (”if” cause, “then” effect) + sample readings and videos.
Production 6 May-22 Group presentation of a complex cause-effect system such as a specific natural phenomena or social trend.
4. Inference Preparation 7 May-29 Vocabulary (probably, likely, possibly, maybe, unlikely), sentence patterns (I think … because …) + sample readings and videos
Production 8 Jun-05 Group presentation of an unsolved mystery, either from real-life, from literature or from students’ imagination.
5. Comparison Preparation 9 Jun-12 Vocabulary (comparative adjectives, kind of, made of/from, something to, whereas), sentence patterns (What’s the difference between ...., The _ on the left … but the _ on the right …) + sample readings and videos
Production 10 Jun-19 Prepare a report comparing two things or ideas from each student’s area of study or interest.
6. Graphs and Data Preparation 11 Jun-26 Vocabulary (line/pie graphs, large numbers, weigh, 40% of, two fifths of, increase/decrease), sentence patterns (_ increased/rose from __ to __, but decreased/fell from __ to __) + sample readings and videos; Carry out survey in class.
Production 12 Jul-03 Group Presentation of the survey results
7. Pros and Cons Preparation 13 Jul-10 Vocabulary (for, in favor of, against, opposed to), sentence patterns (argument, counter-argument, compromise) + sample readings and videos.
Production 14 Jul-17 Perform a pro-con dialog or debate about a controversial issue from current news, technology, business or social media.
Final Test 15 Jul-24 Quiz on the contents of all units
Reflect and review 16 Jul-31 Reflect on course content and performance and review all homework and assignments.
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