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Getting started

  • The goal of this activity is to read a lot of books and build up your reading total.
  • Your reading total is the total number of words in all the books that you have read.

Choose a book

  • You should choose books that you can read easily without using a dictionary.
  • Also, choose books that you are interested in, because they are more fun to read.

Take an online quiz

  • After you have read a book, take an online quiz.
  • Use the search boxes on this page to find the quiz you want. When you have found your quiz, click the button to start the quiz.
  • Each quiz has several questions about the book. The questions are different for each student.
  • If you pass the quiz, the number of words in the book will be added to your reading total. If you fail the quiz, your reading total does not change.
  • You cannot retake quizzes, so please do the quizzes carefully.
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  • To be promoted, you must pass 6 more quizzes at reading level 0.
  • You can take ONE more quiz at reading level 1. This book will count toward your reading total, but will not count toward your promotion.